Meet The Team

And, just maybe, people who don’t know quite what they’re looking for, but have the assets and character to make a difference.

Feugiat BrunoSenior Manager

So although there is no Fabinacci ‘type’ we are all looking for a stage where we can really show what we can do.


Below, you can search through some of our mainstream roles and meet the people performing them.


We need all kinds of people at Fabinacci. Technical people. IT professionals. Engineers. Operators.


Who we are

Our global company is organized in divisions

Strategically located tank terminals and state-of-the-art technologies are important assets, but it is our people who make the true difference. We continuously invest in the training and development of our employees, to improve their career possibilities and their dedication to FABINACCI GROUP PC’s strategic goals. All over the world our customers can count on the talent and commitment to service of dedicated professionals.

  • All divisions work closely together to share their knowledge, expertise and best practices. This enables FABINACCI GROUP PC to respond rapidly and accurately to changing customer needs and market developments.

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  • The Future

    To truly optimize the quality of its services, FABINACCI GROUP PC is committed to continuous improvement in all areas, no matter how small the additional gains may be. The company recognises that the market for oils, fats and derivatives is becoming increasingly international and is actively seeking opportunities to expand globally through partnerships, acquisitions and new international clients. For a company like FABINACCI GROUP PC that takes the lead, vision and business development go hand in hand. FABINACCI GROUP PC plans further investments in automation, attracting the right people, on-going innovation, and seeing and grasping opportunities. Yet safety always comes first....

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    Our Service

    Tank Storage 95%
    Chartering 95%
    Handling 95%
    Ship Operations 95%
    Value Added Logistics 95%

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