SHEQ mission statement

FABINACCI GROUP PC is committed to Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality excellence.

We believe compliance is the foundation for our SHEQ practices.

We strive to meet all applicable SHEQ regulations and company standards. Everybody at all levels of our organisation is responsible and accountable for Safety, Security, Health, Environment, and Quality compliance. In this way, SHEQ is part of our culture.

We protect the Safety, Security, Health and the Environment of our employees, our customers and

our communities.

We foster a culture where the Safety, Security and Health and Environment of our employees, contractors, suppliers, partners, customers and communities is one of our most important values. We use management systems to identify hazards, to drive continual improvement and to help us build a culture of Safety, Security, Health, Environment and Quality. We go for zero accidents.

We provide our customers with products and services that meet their needs.

We strive to continually improve the quality of our activities, products and services to the satisfaction of our customers and to the benefit of ourselves and our stakeholders.

We drive change by delivering sustainable and innovative solutions that contribute to human progress and the growth of our business.

We hold active certification for standards such as ISO9001, IS014001, SQAS and others.

We adhere to this SHEQ Policy

We measure and verify adherence with this SSHEQ policy through internal and external audits and reviews. Our employees are given the education, skills and training to adhere to this SHEQ Policy.

We consider respect for SHEQ standards to be a condition of employment at FABINACCI GROUP PC, and we recognize that a proactive safety and health culture can only be developed in a partnership between management, employees, contractors, visitors and the communities in which we operate.